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dr. steve bedi

Dr. Steve Bedi American trained physician. He had practiced, Urology, General Surgery and Integrated Medicine (Inner Science, Unconditional consciousness,). He Graduated in 1966 from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, India. He went to United State in March of 1967. He did his internship, General surgery and a Urological training in WAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA.

He has been in USA for more than 50 years. Now he came to India to serve the people, teach them inner science and unconditional consciousness. This is specifically for prostate (prostate enlargement, prostate cancer and prostatatis) It has been found that in United States more than 2 million men suffering from prostate Enlargement, 20 millions have prostatatis and 2 hundred thousand patients diagnosed with prostate cancer.

In United States, prostate enlargement is treated with invasive procedure's. It leads to prostate structure (unable to urination) and retrograde ejaculation (during intercourse when the ejaculation take place instead of coming through the front it goes back into the Bladder due to the damage to the muscle).

In prostate cancer they are trapped into robotic prostatectomy. Which produce complication's like loss of urinary control that means continues leaking of urine (worse than a new born baby), loss of erection, loss of penetration, loss of ejaculation, loss of orgasm, depression and loss of manhood.

Amount of money waisted is close to 4 Billion Dollars annually.

Complications of radiation therapy lead to loss of immune system, reduction in erection, ejaculation, orgasm and depression.

Dr. Bedi is opening prostate rejuvenation center in Lucknow. It will provide evaluation and to treat them through inner science and unconditional consciousness. These type of treatment will not produce any complication in reference to prostate disease. It will provide total healing of the cellular system, Regenerate, enhance cellular system, immune system, stem cell regeneration and leading to youth

Dr. Bedi, the reason is that we are all born through sex. It is a sacred relation in our body. It is a sacred vibration, pulsation, type of electric energy. Created by the creator and creation in each cell of our body. Since we are born through our father and mother the question is whether they were conscious or unconsciously when they were performing their act. Unfortunately, Most of the relation has been unconsciously performed.

Dr Bedi given us they gift of life. It is our choise to know who we are. No erraction No Manhood. The erraction is an objective finding which you or anyone else can see and feel. Once this erection is gone after robotic prostatectomy, we, as men, feel life stops, manhood dead. For every success of a man, there is a woman behind him. No man wants to lose their erection the creator has provided.