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  • PSA ZERO Program: Making Life Worry Free

    PSA ZERO is a prostate ( http://www.psazero.com ) cancer treatment program developed by Dr. Steve Bedi. According to Dr. Steve, “For all the men who seek help at various stages of the cancer, need this program to equip themselves with essential information, education and awareness regarding the disease”. He has undergone intensive research in his area of expertise which comprises of urology, general surgery, preventive medicine and research.

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  • • To attain wisdom...
  • • one must become the change
  • • one wishes to see in others.

Dr. Steve Bedi who has been in U.S.A. for more than 50 years. American Trained physician. Who had practiced Urology, General Surgery and Integrated Medicine (Inner Science, Unconditional Consciousness).

He has developed Polarizing Therapy, (Unconditional Consciousness, Inner Science). Now he came to India to teach Health Practitioner and train Personal Trainers to create Healthy India.

Dr. Bedi Mission is to give Educational Program to Health Practitioner's & Personal Trainer's on Polarizing Therapy (Unconditional Consciousness) to

  • Avoid Robotic Prostatectomy, coronary bypass Surgery, Angioplasty, chemotherapy and Radiation.
  • Prevent Cancer, Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Macular Degeneration and Sexual Disfunction.
  • • Permanent Weight Control.
  • • Grow Hair Naturally.
  • • Stop Smoking and Chewing Tobacco.
  • • Fertility through Polarizing Therapy.
  • • Become Olympic Athlete.

In February of 2008, while running on the beach he was inspired to write his first book, Kamasutra Yoga. Later going on to produce the revolutionary treatment called PSA Zero. Currently he had completed his recently book. Each of us can attain inner peace, greater health and vitality by following Polarizing Therapy (Unconditional Consciousness, Inner Science).